You’ve been in an Aldi. You know what it’s like. If not, chances are you will soon. In case you haven’t heard, we’re the fastest-growing supermarket in the UK today. It’s a success that’s down to our ability to offer quality products at low prices. (No fuss, no fancy promotions, just great value.) But it’s also driven by our wonderful people who bring the stores alive with their sparkling personalities and unshakeable work ethic. We are looking to recruit Apprentices for our Stores and Distribution Centres across England, Scotland and Wales. We offer a 3 year management development programme, with the aim that after 3 years you will be offered a management position with us. To apply just visit our website to start your application. You will complete a series of tests to assess your suitability for an Aldi Apprenticeship. Aldi is different. It’s fresh, it’s better. And we like it. We hope you do too.