John Guest, a proud manufacturer and the inventor of plastic push-fit, produces all of its connectors and tube in Britain. The company has a long established reputation of manufacturing nothing less than the best. In the age of outsourcing, where most businesses are moving the manufacturing processes outside of the UK, the family owned business strictly controls the entire process from initial tool design through to engineering and manufacturing to ensure only products of highest quality are produced. The push-fit technology is highly regarded and used by respectable brands such as Ferrari, Heineken and BT, to deliver high performance products and services to their customers.


John Guest, offers apprenticeship opportunities to engineering aspirants to gain valuable experience in a real world work environment while they are surrounded and supported by experienced engineers who would pass on their skills, experience and knowledge. The company believes in nurturing and growing in-house talent and there are always opportunities for apprentices to secure a permanent position within the company.


Apprentices are very well rewarded at John Guest, with a competitive salary as they learn and can gain valuable work experience resulting in specific skills using the ‘state of the art’ technology, machinery and equipment.

To apply please either contact our Personnel Department via, or alternatively, telephone 01895 425325 for an application form.