Leaving school or college can be a daunting prospect and one that is faced by many young people as they face making decisions that will help to shape their future. Apprenticeships are a fantastic first step towards your chosen career.

Now seen as being as sound as a University education, Apprenticeships allow you to gain invaluable work experience whilst earning and gaining a nationally recognised qualification. Cogent can support your learning and development in a range of industries and guide you every step of the way. If you enjoyed studying science and want to pursue a career in the science industry, look no further.

As an apprentice hosted by Cogent, during your Apprenticeship you will receive excellent training and support.   We will mentor and guide you through your Apprenticeship and ensure your employer gives you the time, support and range of activities you need to become a highly skilled and qualified worker. We work with you to help you achieve your goals both personal and professional. If you want a career that is both challenging and rewarding then start now by searching our current vacancies.

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