If you’re interested in a career in accountancy, tax or financial services and want to start earning while you learn then a Kaplan Apprenticeship could be for you. Much more than just a job, Kaplan Apprenticeships provide invaluable training and real-world work experience, helping you to make the most of your skills and start a successful career. Our expert advisers will connect you with employers, provide top quality training and give you CV tips, interview advice and much more.

Kaplan specialises in accountancy, tax and financial services and with a history spanning over 70 years we’ve played a significant part in shaping and developing the careers of thousands of finance professionals. Alongside our Apprenticeships we also offer Internships, (also known as Traineeships) not just in finance and accountancy but also beauty, construction, business and many more! These are perfect if you aren’t quite sure what you want to do, or if you need work experience or additional support before starting an Apprenticeship.

To find out more speak to our advisers or visit our website to apply for our latest vacancies and get ahead with Kaplan

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