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An Introduction to John Guest

John Guest is a company of innovators and takes extreme pride in its Speedfit Technology that has revolutionised the way pipe and tube connections are made. A technology trusted by world-renowned brands such as Ferrari, Heineken & BT.

It is a family owned business that strictly controls the entire process from initial product design through to manufacturing to ensure only products of highest quality are produced.

Becoming a John Guest Apprentice

John Guest is offering apprenticeships to engineering aspirants so they can come and gain experience in a real world work environment. Apprentices are given the opportunity to work alongside experienced engineers, to benefit from their years of knowledge and skill.

John Guest believes in nurturing and growing talent in-house and there are always opportunities for apprentices to secure a permanent position in the company.

Apprentices at John Guest are rewarded with a competitive salary as they gain valuable experience and skill while working with “state of the art” technology, machinery and equipment.



How to apply

To apply for an apprenticeship at John Guest:

Apply online – jgapprentice.co.uk

Email – Personnel@johnguest.co.uk

Phone: 01895 425325

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