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Exhibitor In The Spotlight : Apprenticeships with Aviva

How long have you been offering Apprenticeships?
We have always had Apprentices as part of our history at Aviva.  In recent years our General Insurance Commercial Underwriting teams have taken school leavers and trained them to become experts of the future.  Looking at Aviva archives our first Apprentice, Charles Rodger, started in 1919 so the sentiment has always been there.

What Apprenticeships do you offer?
As a big business we have a broad range of skills we need to operate effectively.  So whilst we are categorised in the Financial Services sector, we actually offer a broad range of Apprenticeships.  We love that Apprenticeships help us grow talent from the grass roots all the way to supporting colleagues with their career development plans.

What qualities are you looking for in an Apprentice?
Apprentices must be eager to learn and keen to apply theory to practice.   Being inquisitive and driven, thinking about how they can succeed for the mutual benefit of their career and the performance of Aviva is part of a winning mind-set.

How much can your Apprentices expect to be earning whilst training? How much will they earn once they have completed their program?
At Aviva we pay Apprentices based on the part of the business they work for and the complexity and accountability of the role.  Each Apprentice will have the same opportunities for performance related pay and bonus as adopted by the business area they join.

What’s Unique about your Apprenticeship opportunities?
Whilst we are categorised as a Financial Services Employer we offer a broad range of Apprenticeships.  If you want to work with for a company with a strong purpose, set of values and a future focused on sustainability and growth, an Apprenticeship could be a great start to your career with Aviva.

What will your Apprentices be able to move on to once they have finished their program?
On completion of the program an Apprentice can make career choices about what they do next.  Furthering their technical knowledge through another Apprenticeship program or happily doing their newly qualified role.  We actively support career discussions throughout the Apprenticeship and duration of a colleague’s career.


“Apprentices must be eager to learn and keen to apply theory to practice.”

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