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Greene King has been offering apprenticeships since 2011 and since then has supported over 10,000 apprentices.

An apprenticeship at Greene King opens a range of opportunities allowing you to continue your learning whilst developing a career with us. We value and invest in our apprentices recognising that you are our future talent. You will have a secure job from day one, which includes all the benefits of being a permanent employee

There are a range of apprenticeships available at Greene King, whether you want to work in a pub, restaurant, hotel, in a brewery, in marketing or logistics we have opportunities in cities, towns and villages across Britain. And that’s just scratching the surface. Greene King is an extremely diverse business and with that comes an amazing array of opportunities at your fingertips across 1,800 different locations. It’s one of the things that makes us so unique and such a fun place to work.

Our programme can open doors in bar, restaurant and kitchen roles, all the way up to supervisory and management levels. We offer apprenticeships that cover a range of hospitality services – from food and beverage service and professional cookery, right through to leadership and management.

We have over 300 live vacancies, what are you waiting for?

W: https://jobs.greeneking.co.uk/apprenticeships

E: apprenticeships@greeneking.co.uk

T: 0845 123 8510

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