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At Lloyds Banking Group, our programmes are designed to embrace your passions, strengths and interests – and to help you discover new ones – in a learning culture that fits around you. We’ll empower you and your choices through a supportive network of individuals with strengths and passions as diverse as the population, all committed to helping you and Britain prosper. Masterclasses, training and mentoring from experienced business leaders will inspire you to develop as a person and a professional. Different people suit different careers and we understand it can be hard to choose the right one.

Our Lloyds Banking Group Discovery experience, is an innovative tool to help you find out what aspects of a career might matter to you – from collaboration to innovation, being given opportunities to the ability to give back, and much more.

Come and talk with our colleagues and former graduates, and discover your passions, strengths, and the career path that best suits you.

Careers Worth Discovering


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