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Join us for three fascinating, surprising and career-advancing years as an Advanced Engineering apprentice.

Our railway lines are the economic arteries of our country, relied on by millions of people every day and so we’re counting on individuals like you to help us with transforming our vast network of rails, signals, electrified lines and telecommunications to get them fit for the future.

You’ll receive expert training, thousands of pounds in your pocket and a lifetime of engineering possibilities. When you’re transforming Britain’s vast railway network, you get more than just an education – you’ll gain the kind of skills that can set you up for life.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure which engineering path to take. Our experienced team will help you identify the best opportunity, based on your strengths.

When we say the difference is you, we mean it! Some of our previous apprentices have held various senior positions within Network Rail; these roles include programme managers, principal engineers and maintenance delivery managers.

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