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At Siemens Mobility, we do more than just get people from A to B. We get them there safely, efficiently and in total comfort. What’s more, we help them stay connected, and provide a comprehensive offering of useful information and entertainment on the way. And we aim to deliver all of this whilst navigating complex economic and environmental issues.

With a keen eye on the future, the Rolling Stock team at Siemens Mobility is busy maintaining flexible, cost-effective vehicles for automated transportation all over the world. From metro systems and trams, light rail and commuter trains, local and regional trains, and passenger coaches for intercity and high-speed rail, they’re using their enthusiasm for technology, creativity and determination to create reliable, cost effective solutions that reduce environmental impact and conserve resources

If you’re passionate about improving people’s lives by maintaining the vehicles the world depends upon, then join us. We are currently looking for candidates for advanced, higher and degree apprenticeship; across a range of roles including rail engineering, risk and safety management and project management. To apply, visit https://www.siemens.com/uk/en/home/company/jobs/search-careers/apprenticeships.html

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