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Catch22 is a social business, a not for profit business with a social mission. For over 200 years we have designed and delivered services that build resilience and aspiration in people and communities.

Our vision is a strong society where everyone has a good place to live, a purpose, and good people around them. We exist to ensure that these are achievable for everyone, no matter what their background. We deliver frontline services across children’s social care, justice and rehabilitation services, gangs intervention work, substance misuse programmes, education services, the National Citizen Service, and apprenticeships and employability programmes. Over 2017, Catch22 worked with 46,644 individuals, over 700 of these were apprentices for whom we are the training provider.

We have a wide range of Apprenticeship vacancies at any one time, which can be found by visiting https://www.catch-22.org.uk/services/apprenticeships-and-employability/apprenticeships-for-learners/find-an-apprenticeship


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