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Electrical contractors for the leading national house builders

21,000 houses wired by our electrical teams each year

Branches nationwide

Award-winning in-house apprenticeship

Aim high with a Clarkson Evans electrical apprenticeship

We recruit over 100 apprentices a year to work on new housing sites and train up to become our team leaders and managers of the future. Within four years you’ll be a fully qualified electrician with a bright future ahead of you, whether you want to stay ‘on the tools’ or follow a path into management or teaching future apprentices.

Our new recruits earn on average £14,000 a year to begin with, with pay increasing steadily as you gain new skills. For our qualified electricians, earnings of £40,000 or more are typical. Some even earn £60,000 plus, with everyone rewarded for the quality and amount of work they do.


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